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Montana Brittany Puppies
We usually breed 1-3 litters per year.  We try NOT to have Brittany puppies during hunting season!
We occasionally have a Brittany puppy for sale.  Many references available upon request. 
See: Past Litters and Happy Hunters for more photos of our past Brittany pups.

AKC Breeder of Merit
Montana Brittany Breeder
Contact us: Todd Breitenfeldt and Sari Breitenfeldt Dersam
Warbonnet Brittanys
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Turah whelped on 9-24-22, four females and three males!  All reserved.

Photos and info are posted: 
Link to Turah x Oudi Puppy Page


Sorry, We do not sell to pet homes, Brittanys are bred to hunt and/or compete

Belle and Dune will very likely be bred about Feb./April, '23.  Sorry, I will not be taking deposits for these litters (except those whom we have already communicated about this) until winter.  I will probably keep a female pup from Belle's litter.
Watch this space
Feel free to call and chat, Todd :^)

Male pups: $1,300.  Female pups: $1,500.  Deposit: $200.
Refresh this page for current updates.

20 litters
All off to their homes!
1. Dancer x Wyatt Puppy Page
Eight pups whelped 5-28-20.  Six males, two females.
  Westley on 7-16-2020, 7 weeks old.
Link to more photos and the most up-to-date litter information at: Dancer x Wyatt Puppy Page

2. Turah x Oudi:  7-13-2020: Turah had 6 pups today, 3 girls and 3 boys. 
NASA Missions Litter
Link to: Turah x Oudi Puppy Page for all the up-to-date information about this litter.

Some of the pups at 7 weeks old on 8-31-20.

3. Belle x Hobey - Belle x Hobey's 2020 Puppy Page 
Belle had 7 pups on 8-24-2020.  Seven girls and one boy.  Name theme: Montana butterflies

Most of  the pups have lots of color like Belle does. 
Photos and weights below recorded on 8-24-20:

1. Female, 286g

2. Female, 330g.

3. Female, 342g.

4. Female, 348g

5. Female, 264g.

6. Female, 322g.

7. Male, 288g.
Belle fetching and on point, July 2022.

See: Past Litters for much more information and many more photos of our past puppies. 

Dancer x Oudi Brittany Pup, 2019.

Turah x Tempo Brittany Pup, 2019.

Turah x Tempo Brittany Pup, 2019.

Belle x Coltan Brittany Puppy, 2019.

Folks picking up their pups-->

Some Past Warbonnet Brittany Puppy Photos & Links Below:
Dancer x Oudi pups whelped Feb., 2019.  Two girls and 5 boys: Dancin' Litter

Brittany Puppies

Dancer x Chief pups whelped Feb., 2018, 4 girls and 4 boys: Montana Hi-Line Towns Litter 

Brittany pup.

Brittany spaniel puppy

Dancer x Ned pups whelped 10-2-16, 5 girls and 2 boys: Gunslinger Litter

Brittany Puppies.

 Breez x Arrow pups 2-2-16!   Montana Mountain Passes Litter, 3 boys and 2 girls.    Complete Photos and Information    

Winter 2015 Breez x Arrow Pups, 3 boys and 4 girls.

There are 6 pups in this photo if you look closely, lol!


Two Breez x Quinn pups at 4 weeks of age.
5 boys and 2 girls.  Whelped 2-14-14.  Breez x Quinn pups photos


Two Maggie x Quinn pups on 8-3-13,
5 boys and one girl.
See: Maggie x Quinn pups

See: Past Litters and Happy Hunters for many more photos of our pups!
Some of our pups:

L to R: Humans: Todd, Skye and friend Jim.  Britts: Breez, Ruby, and Ida.  Ruby hips are rated OFA Excellent.  These are all Maggie x Dubb pups (sisters) at a very successful AKC hunt test in ID, 3-2012.  Ruby is 3 yrs old, Breeze and Ida just one year old.  It rained and snowed at the event.  We had a great time at this hunt test and REALLY like the way these dogs hunt!!
Update Fall 2013: Breez's & Ida's hips are OFA Good, Elbows Normal.

Liberty (Ellie Mae) from Maggie x Quinn, summer 2013 litter.  Her home is Asotin, WA.

Warbonnet Brittanys Puppy Contract - Choosing A Brittany - Breeders Code Of Ethics - I Want A Brittany - Responsible Breeders - Breed Standard - American Brittany Rescue - A Responsible Breeder Should 



Breez x Quinn pups at 5 wks.  3-23-14.

Kids & Warbonnet Brittany Puppies!

Past Litters

We produce an occasional litter of pups if we feel we can maintain and/or improve the Brittany.

Before we breed our dogs they must: 1) prove themselves with family, hunting, competition, 2) be at least 2 yrs. old, and 3) pass OFA hip certification.  We only [breed/breed to] dogs that are OFA certified, AKC DNA registered, actively involved in hunting and competition, have a title(s) and are out of Dual lines.  We strive to produce the best Dual Quality Family Hunting Dogs we can!  TB.

We as the breeders reserve the right of first choice.  Brittanys have not been called "Brittany Spaniel" since the 1980's.

Over the years we have placed Brittany puppies in the following States: Montana, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, California, Kentucky, Alberta Canada, Saskatchewan Canada, British Columbia Canada, Florida, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Utah.

Warbonnet Brittanys Puppy Contract - Choosing A Brittany - Breeders Code Of Ethics - I Want A Brittany - Responsible Breeders - Breed Standard - American Brittany Rescue - A Responsible Breeder Should