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Warbonnet Brittanys
Todd Breitenfeldt and Sari Breitenfeldt Dersam
P.O. Box 883
Whitehall, MT 59759
406-498-5236  -  Email: toddb8877@gmail.com

Wyndy Best Of Breed
"Dual Quality Do-It-All Family Brittanys For The Hunter"

Welcome to the web site of Warbonnet Brittanys!
  Hello, I am Todd and I grew up with those wonderful do-it-all family hunting dogs we call Brittanys!!  I have owned, hunted, and enjoyed Brittanys with my Father in Eastern Washington since I was a youngster in the 1960's.  I moved to Montana in 1976 and started breeding an occasional litter of Brittanys in 1984.  Now I live, hunt, exercise, field trial, show, hunt test, hike, rally, fly fish, agility, etc., etc., with my fine furry Brittany friends here in Whitehall, Montana.   I also breed an occasional litter of Brittany puppies from OFA (hip) certified Dual Quality Brittany bloodlines that can HUNT!  HAPPY HUNTERS/FAMILY  I am an AKC Brittany Breeder of Merit and occasionally have Brittany Puppies for sale.  I also am an active member of the MONTANA BRITTANY CLUB, THE AMERICAN BRITTANY CLUB, and the Helena Montana Kennel Club.

I hope this web site will educate you about Brittanys, me, and the many ways you can enjoy one of these fine little dogs!  TB.

Two 2024 planned litters.  See: Brittany Puppies for more up-to-date information.
We will accept names for the waiting list.  Feel free to give Todd a call.

Turah is now home from being bred in Nebraska to Hank.  Ultrasound 5-17-24 showed a probable 8 puppies!

Belle has still not come into season.  We patiently wait...
Updated 5-17-24

Trillium (Warbonnet Trillium) Belle x Indy '23 litter had a good weekend in the field.  She placed 2nd in the walking puppy and 4th in the walking derby at the field trial.  In the double/double hunt test she passed all four runs with good scores (one with a score of: 10/10/10/10) and earned her Junior Hunter title (pending AKC conf.).  Emmett (on right) handled her as I am just a month out from a right hip replacement.  May 3-5, 2024.  Todd  Photo by Tara Griffin

Belle pointing in training April, 2024.  Right: Trillium waiting her turn to train.
Photos by Tara Griffin

Some Warbonnet Brittany Pups:

Quinn, female, in Idaho.  Pointing a quail while fetching a quail.  Eleven years old

Junior, male.  Six years old.

Warbonnets Chief Justice doing what Brittanys do best!  Fall, 2023.

Our new pup Trillium (Trilly-dilly) out of our Belle x Indy '23 litter, Fall 2023.  Warbonnet Trillium.  From left to right: Sleeping with her grandmother Dancer, relaxing on a dog bed, hiking into a mountain lake, and a head shot as a 7 wk old pup.

Dune (Turah x Oudi 2020) earned her Championship at the Great Falls shows July, 2023.  CH Warbonnet Wind Swept Dunes, JH.  She is now off with pro Ed Tillson on the Midwest FT circuit fall 2023.  Left to right: as a pup, Championship photo with friend Tommie handling, training to be steady to wing/shot.

Turah earning a leg on her Senior Hunter title at the Montana Brittany Club hunt test April, '23.  She is still wet from cooling off in the water tank after her run.  Photo by Tara Griffin.

Belle earning a leg on her Senior Hunter title at the Montana Brittany Club hunt test April, '23.  Belle is carrying about 10 Indy pups in this event!  Photo by Tara Griffin.

Happy! 2022 Turah x Oudi - New Pup Owners:
See puppy page

2023 Litter: Belle x Indy, Four girls and 4 boys, whelped 5-24-23

Belle x Indy Puppy Page

All pups reserved.


Feel free to call and chat, Todd :^) - 406.498.5236


AKC Breeder of Merit

Dune ready to hunt!

Dune in an interesting training situation...

Dune on point.

Dune (left) and her mother Turah at the dog shows in Billings, MT, June 2022. 

Dancer and Todd with two limits of sage grouse, 9-2-2020.  Dancer is still recovering from her Dancer x Wyatt litter of pups, but hunted well.  The Britt on the right is KD who belongs to Jo Ann (who is taking the photo).

Dune (Buggy-bug) fetching a sage grouse, fall 2021 with Dancer "supervising" close behind.  
"Dune" CH Warbonnet Wynd Swept Dunes, JH.  From:
Turah x Oudi Puppy Page 

Some Warbonnet Brittany pups from 2020:

Dancer x Wyatt Page Puppy Page

Lucy, seven weeks old on 8-31-20.
Turah x Oudi Puppy Page

Cloak, 5 weeks old. 9-28-20.
Belle x Hobey Puppy Page 

Some Warbonnet Brittany Photos:

Cody (Turah x Tempo) earning his AKC Rally Intermediate (RI) title on a windy day, 10-2020.

A Dancer x Oudi 2019 Puppy doing what Brittanys do!

Junior (pup name Chester) out of Dancer x Chief enjoying winter sports in California.  Britts do it all!

Intensity on point at 8 weeks old!  A Turah x Tempo pup, July 2019.

April, 2019 hunt test ribbons.  We passed 15 out of 16 JH runs at the Montana Brittany Club hunt test near Billings.  L-R: Belle, Turah, Dancer, Breez.

July 2019.  Five generations of Warbonnet Brittanys. 
L-R: Amber, Tanta, Belle, Turah, Maggie, Dancer, Breez, Kintla.  Photo by Tommie Dahl. 
The 5 generations area:
1. Maggie, 15 yrs. old.
2. Maggie's pup Breez, 8 yrs. old.
3. Breez's pup Dancer, 5 yrs. old.
4. Dancer's pup Belle, 2 yrs. old.
5. Belle's pups Amber and Tanta, 8 weeks old.
Turah and Kintla are out of our Dual Champion Rye, brother to Breez.  We Co-own Kintla with Tommie, Elkhorn Mountain Brittanys.

Turah is a new Grand Champion as of Sept., 2018.  Now we can concentrate on hunting!!

Belle and a sage grouse she pointed 9-2-18.

Belle is a new Champion as of June, 2018.  Now we can concentrate on the field!

Kintla earning her Championship, June 2019.
She is a new Grand Champion as of Sept., 2019!

Kintla, our newest pup earning 2nd money female at the 2019 Central Futurity in Colorado March, 2019.
We co-own her with Tommie of Elkhorn Mountain Brittanys where she spends most of her time. 
Kintla is out of our Dual Champion Rye, and Tommie's GCHB Tipsy.

Todd with Belle (Dancer x Ned, 2016) winning the AWD at the California Brittany Club field trial January, 2018.  The next day Belle took 3rd in the Junior Class at the American Brittany Club Western Futurity show.

Etta, very into her birds...  from Dancer Dancer x Ned.

Lexi at 13 months, a Dancer & Ned pup.
From her owner: "She is a natural!  Very little training required.  She has been an excellent dog.  Very smart, kind, loyal protective, (rarely leaves my side).  She has kept us entertained a lot!  We couldn't have asked for a better girl. "

Great day for Skye (Warbonnet & Campbell's Skye's The Limit) at the Northern California Brittany Club Field Trial winning the Open Derby, Open Puppy and Amateur Walking Puppy stakes, Sept. 2017.  Skye (pup name Annie) is out of Dancer & Ned.

Belle (left) and Turah on point during a hot July '17 training session.

In fond memory of: Driggs (2015 Breez x Arrow, Lithic Points Litter) at the lake.

Five generations of Warbonnet Brittanys!

1. Right: Wyndy, 15.5 yrs. old.  [Wyndy died at age 16 in Oct. 2017]
2. Lying down: Wyndy's daughter Maggie, 12 yrs. old.
3. Left: Maggie's daughter Breez, 6 yrs. old.
4. Top: Breez's daughter Dancer, 3 yrs. old.
5. Second from top: Dancer's daughter Belle, 6 mo. old.
Third from top: Turah, out of Breez's brother Rye, 5 mo. old.
April, 2017

Warbonnet Brittanys (2 generations pictured here) find birds everywhere!  Fall, 2016.

Warbonnet Brittanys know how to find birds!  Thus is Quinn who belongs to Thatcher in Idaho.  10-16-16.

Breez and Todd with a limit of WA pheasants, Dec. 2015.  We were hunting with my 85 yr. old Father in 7 degrees, 15 inches of crusted show in SE WA.  Breez is carrying Arrow pups in this photo.

Rex (pup name Clovis), from Breez x Arrow 2015 litter winning 1st place in the puppy stake in his first field trial in WA.  Congrats to the happy owners and Rex!!

Indy (Maggie x Quinn) earned 1st money male and best of opposite at the American Brittany Club Western Futurity on January 5th, 2015 in AZ.
Dancer on her first pheasant hunt.  She pointed and fetched several roosters.  Not bad for 7 months old!
Dancer is out of: Breez x Quinn

At Stud

DC Warbonnet's Orion In The Big Sky, JH
OFA Excellent
Two vials of frozen semen available.
 Co-owned by: Melody Edwards, Todd Breitenfeldt & Sari Breitenfeldt [Sari is pronounced like Kerry but with an "S" rather than a "K"]  All proud members of the Montana Brittany Club.  http://montanabc.org/
Bred by: Todd and Sari  -   By: 2xNAGDC, DC, AFC Clyde's Double Trouble x CH Warbonnet Golden Magpie, JH. Handled to his CH by my daughter Sari. Handled to his pup and derby FC points and JH by Melody. Handled to the 2011 Western Futurity Dual Dog Award by Sari and Melody.

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Humans L to R: Wrangler and Todd
Dogs L to R: Meadow and Breez
A late Dec. 2013 pheasant hunt on a VERY cold Hi-Line day.

Hunt Test Sisters Spring 2012
L To R: Humans: Jim and Z.  Britts: Ruby, Ida and Breez.  All from Maggie x Dubb.  Hunt test ribbons 3-2012, ID.  A snowy and rainy weekend.  Ruby belongs to Jim, we co-own Ida with Jim and Breez is ours.  March, 2012.

(L to R) Humans: Todd and Wrangler.  Britts: daughter Breez (7 mo.), Momma Maggie, and Grandmother Wyndy (10 yrs.) with a mess of Montana High-Line pheasants, 10-2011.

Melody and Sari with Rye at the 2011 Western Futurity.  Rye earned the Dual Dog Award!


Skye with a Brittany puppy!

Funny: Wyndy's Oily Situation
Brittanys have not been called the "Brittany Spaniel" since the 1980's.

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