Warbonnet Brittanys


Dancer x Oudi Brittany Pups
Dancin' Litter
 5 males and 2 girls, whelped 2-15-19, Futurity nominated

Updated 4-6-19
Individual Puppy Photos: Choices Listed in Green below:
Litter Information and Links:
1. Male: Tango "Tango"   Bonners Ferry, ID (W.B.)
2. Male: Foxtrot "Trotter" 
Missoula, MT (M.C.)
3. Male: Tap "Tapper" 
Denver, CO (J.L.)
4. Female: Cha-cha "Cha-Cha" 
Minot, ND (K.B., J.C.)
5. Male:
Jig "Jigs"  Darby, MT (K.&B.K.)
6. Female: Salsa "Salsa" 
Sidney, MT (J.&G.K.)
7. Male: Twist "Twister"
Livingston, MT (C.P.)

Brittany puppy Salsa, 3-15-19.  The pups eyes are blue when they open.  They will slowly change to the amber of the parents over time. 

Tapper, 3-29-19.
Weekly Weights in Grams 
Group Photos
Group II Photos 3-29-19 
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
(see Past Litters for examples)

12-4-18: Dancer came into heat 12-4-18 so breeding should happen in mid December to Christmas.  That means the pups should be ready to go home in early April, perfect timing for spring pup fun and for being able to hunt next season!  We are excited!
12-8: Dancer is scheduled to fly to Texas for breeding with Oudi on the 11th.  Gestation is just over two months.
12-11: Dancer flew to TX, all well.
12-14: First breeding to Oudi!
12-17: Breeding complete.  We will do an ultrasound mid January to confirm pregnancy and estimate pup numbers.  The pups are due mid February.

12-28: I met Jessica in Idaho (she and Ed drove from TX to ID to visit relatives), picked up Dancer and headed on home.  Dancer is very happy to be home!
1-15-19: Ultrasound today shows the presence of pups!
2-3-19:  Dancer is getting quite "fat-&-sassy" already so she should have a nice sized litter mid-month.
2-15-19, 11AM: Looks like labor is starting.  1:40PM: 1st pup, it is a male.  3:10PM: 3 male pups so far.  4:00PM: 3 male and one female.  5:00PM: 4 males and two females.  6:00PM: 5 males and two females.  ---- OK, it looks like we have 7 pups, 5 males and 2 females.  The pups are doing very well.  They will have their dew claws and tails done Monday AM as well as a vet health check.  After that we will figure out each person's place in line...  Please be patient.  It has been a long but good day.  The pup photos below are in order of their birth.  Pup theme names will be names of dances in honor of their mother Dancer.

2-18: Tails and dew claws done today.  Vet check was good.
2-22: Photos of each puppy posted.
3-1-19: Photos and weights posted.  Nails clipped with a human nail clipper after photos.  Dancer is a great mom and they all are really chubby!
3-5 to 3-12: Todd went to CO for the Brittany Futurity, Specialty Show and Field Trial.  He is back but very tired today (3-13).
3-8: Jan was home taking care of the pups.  She had a sudden death in the family and had to go to the funeral.  Therefore, she was not able to take weights or photos.  We will do the usual weights and photos on the 15th.  Thanks for your understanding.

3-12-19: Belle and Turah just came into season, breeding next week.  [3-19: both Turah and Belle are off being bred.] [9-28: breedings complete]
3-15-19: Photos and weights published.
Photos and weights published.  The pups are really growing and starting to be very funnn!!!
3-28-19: The Volhard Puppy Aptitude test is scheduled for Fri. April 5th at 4pm.  Each 1st choice person (male/female) will have 24 hours after the results are posted to make their choice.  Each person thereafter will have 24h after each choice is posted (above) to make their choice.  Remember, I am leaving for the Hunt Test in Billings probably the 11th.  We hope you all can pick up your pups before this.  Hit reload often for results/choices.  See
Past Litters to see how this was done in the past.  Usually folks choose very quickly so watch here closely.  Feel free to give me a call.
4-1-19: I had some computer issues posting the photos but, they are all up now as well as a new Group II page linked above.  Vet check today, all the pups are fine to go home next week!  We should probably all chat before Friday.
4-5-19: Volhard Results and Weekly Weights are posted.  Choices are listed in green above.  1st choice male is chosen.

Cha-cha on 3-15-19.


Happy owners taking their pups home:

Order of puppy choice:
Male Pups:
1. Bonners Ferry, ID (W.B.)
2. Darby, MT (K.K.)
3. Livingston, MT (C.P.)
4. Missoula, MT (M.C.)
5. Denver, CO (J.L.)

Female Pups:
Minot, ND (K.B., J.C.)
2. Sidney, MT (J.&G.K.)

At 7 weeks we will administer the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  The first choice person will have 24 hours after the Volhard results are posted, to select their choice pup .  Each person thereafter will have 24 hours to make their selection after the previous person's selection is posted.  Pups can go home after 8 weeks.  We encourage you to visit the pups often if you can!  If you have any questions about this process feel free to give me a call: Todd :^) 406-498-5236.
Dancer x Oudi
Brittany Puppies whelped 2-15-19

GCH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer x GFC/DC Almaden's Under Lock and Key

Dancer earning her Grand Championship fall, 2017.

GCH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer "Dancer" Whelped: 2-14-14.  By: BIS, BISS, GCH, CH RJ'S Sierra Edition, MH x CH Warbonnet Chinook WyndHips: OFA GOOD, OFA #: BS-17373G28F-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V867214.  Bred by us (Todd & Sari), Dancer finished her show championship winter 2016 winning 3 majors in 3 days at the Portland, OR shows.  She is super at finding, pointing and fetching birds!!  She is also a great hiking, fishing, running and biking companion.  As of Fall, 2017 Dancer is a Grand Champion.
Dancer is an all-a-round fun Brittany to be with!  She is very devoted to her humans, hunts with super intensity, loves to fetch, pulls me like a sled dog when I run her on the bike and is a couch potato in the house.  She is smart as a whip!

Dancer's Puppy Photos (pup name Annie)

Dancer's Pedigree

Dancer sleeping on Todd's lap.

Oudi on point, 2016.

From Wingra Brittanys:
By DC Masked Jack of DiamondsDC Almaden's Lone Shadow Dancer
Bred by Sherry Larsen & FG Larsen & Sara Hellett
DOB: 3/12/12.  OFA: BS-16513G24M-VPI
PennHIP: 0.46L and 0.44R (Reference #912470)

"Oudi came to us from Sherry Larsen in Clovis, California. He has a truly effervescent personality--for Oudi every day is a great day and his enthusiasm for life is infectious. His name, which is pronounced "out-ee", is for the famous escape artist Harry Houdini (hOUDIni). On his first day with us Oudi managed to escape his x-pen, crate and climb over two baby gates. It took us awhile to decide on a name for him, but "Under Lock and Key" seems to suit him perfectly. Oudi went to summer camp with Ed Tillson of Tequila Kennels in the summer of 2013 and, fortunately for us, Ed had the patience and the expertise to recognize Oudi's potential. With Ed, Oudi picked up multiple derby placements and after a respite at home to finish his show title, Oudi came on strong in adult stakes in 2016. He kicked off the fall with multiple adult placements in big, competitive stakes. He finished his DC title with a 2nd place in the Grand Open Limited Gun Dog Stake at the Iowa Brittany Club in 2017. Since then Oudi has become a strong contender in the Midwest field trial circuit. He won the ABC Gun Dog Classic in May of 2018 and completed the year by winning the 2018 Garmin Award, which recognizes the top Brittany shooting dog in the country! 

In the show ring Oudi won Best Puppy at his first show which happened to be the Iowa Brittany Club Specialty. He's been to the ABC National Specialty three times and placed in a lovely 6-9 month puppy class in 2012, the open dog class the following year and the field trial dog class in 2016. He finished his show championship in June of 2014 in twelve shows with three majors."

Note from Todd:  I saw Oudi win the Open Gun Dog at our Montana Brittany Club field trial in August, 2018.  He is pictured on page 12 of the September '18 edition of the American Brittany Club magazine winning the ABC Gun Dog Classic/Shooting Dog Championship with 5 finds!  That shows me he is a real Bird Finding Machine!
Click on Oudi's parents above to see his outstanding pedigree.

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