Warbonnet Brittanys


Dancer x Ned Gunslinger Litter
Whelped 10-2-16, 5 girls and 2 boys, futurity nominated.

"gunslinger: a person noted for speed and skill in handling and shooting a gun especially in the American West" 

Puppy Photos and Information: General Puppy Photos and Links:
Girls: Chosen pups in green:
1. Annie Oakley -
Snohomish, WA
2. Calamity Jane - Lolo, MT
3. Belle Starr - Whitehall, MT
4. Cattle Kate - Chosen.
5. Etta Place - Great Falls, MT

6. Butch Cassidy - Basin, WY
7. Sundance Kid - Missoula, MT

Please remember, we are Brittany Fans! but, not great photographers...  :^)

Jane's new owners, 12-3-16

Butch's new owner, 12-3-16.

Annie's new owners in WA.  12-4-16.
Weekly Weights in Grams  
Group Photos 
Group Photos 11-13-16 
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test Results  Now available, 11-21-16.
Up to date information on what is happening:

9-27-16: We had a good ultrasound today with good pup heart beats, normal placentas and very active pups.  The vet said they are due in 5-8 days.  We set up the whelping box today.  Dancer seems healthy and happy and is very chubby!
10-1-16: We are hovering around home waiting for Dancer to start whelping.  Tomorrow would be the first expected date for her...  She is doing fine.
10-2-16: Dancer had her first pup about 2 am and was done with all 7 by 4:30 am.  A very normal delivery with strong active pups.  She did GREAT as a first time mother!!  She and the pups are doing well!!!  Jan and I are rather tired <lol>.
10-4-16: Tails and dew claws removed today.  All went well.
10-9-16: Photos and weights done today.  They will be posted as I can make time.  The pups are really growing fast!! 
10-16-16: The pups are doing well.  They had their nails trimmed today, weights and photos taken.  We antelope and pheasant hunted yesterday.
10-30-16:  I shot a cow elk on Sunday and as I was walking the horses in to pack her out on Monday, I shot a bull.  I and a buddy managed to get the bull out on Tue. and I took all the quarters into the meat packing folks on Wed. after work.  Therefore, I did not get time to do photos last weekend....  Thanks for your understanding.  Photos from this week are up now.
11-13-16: The pups are growing well and are turning into a very nice litter of Brittanys!  They are always wagging their tails and are very, very friendly to people.  They also seem to be a quite bunch, not be barky, whiners or yappy. 
11-21-16: The Volhard Puppy Evaluation was done this evening and all went well.  See link to results above.  The litter was good and consistent.
-We will be doing a puppy structure evaluation the weekend after Thanksgiving and I will post my choice of female pup by Monday.  You are welcome to call us about these results if interested.  The first choice male pup person should also choose by Monday.  Each respective choice person thereafter will have 24 hours to make their choice.
-Pup pick up can be as soon as you make your choice.  Remember, I work as a science teacher so cannot be home until 4 PM on week nights, 2:30 on Friday.  Please arrange to make your pick up by the following weekend (Dec. 3-4th).
11-28-16: We are sorry for no photos this weekend.  We shot 4 elk so were too busy packing them out the rest of the weekend.
-Call Todd (406-498-5236) after 5 pm for the results of the puppy structural evaluation done by Jan and our good dog friend (Samoyed breeder) Judie L.
-Health check, shots and worming done today.

12-3-16: all the pups were picked up today and off to their new homes!

Etta's new owners, 12-3-160

Sundance with his kids.  Above and below.  12-2016

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Brittanys have not been called the "Brittany Spaniel" since the 1980's.

Dancer x Ned Pups Deposit List:
Futurity Nominated.  Males $900, Females $950
Deposits Received:

1.  Missoula, MT
2.  Basin, WY

Deposits Received:
1.  Warbonnet Brittanys :^) Whitehall, MT
2.  Snohomish, WA
3.  Lolo, MT
4.  Great Falls, MT
Deposit: $100 nonrefundable if we have the gender of your choice.
We prefer to place our pups in hunting and/or competition homes.  Proven competition homes have preferential choice.

Dancer x Ned

Ch Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer

Dancer at 7 months old with the first pheasants she pointed and fetched.

  Dancer is OFA GOOD: BS-17373G28F-NOPI. 
Dancers Pedigree
Dancer as a Pup
Dancer has a great nose, is very smart and very friendly.  She is extremely biddable (trainable) and dedicated to her humans, a great family dog. 
She finished her show championship with 3 majors in a row at the Portland, OR dog shows winter, 2016. 
She is medium/small in size, very athletic with good bone and structure.
 Dancer has had a great start to this 2016 hunting season here in Montana.  She has pointed and fetched sharp tails and sage grouse. 
I will be keeping a female pup.

Dancer as a pup.

Am/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper
Ned is OFA: GOOD, CERF: NORMAL.  He has placed Three Times at Nationals!  Website - Pedigree - Field Trial Placements
From his owner Vern: Ned is "
Happy and snappy, the ability to find birds and run like the wind, with the sweetest nature is Ned in a nut shell!  Ned is now one of the top ranked All Age Brittanys in the US, and in May 2013 became the first Canadian-owned American/Canadian Dual Champion Brittany in history!"
From Todd: I have been wanting to breed to Ned for a long time.  His record in the field and nice personality speak for themselves.  He is also the son of Meadow's (our Kinwashkly bitch) sister Val (also and Am/Can Dual Champion) so this brings our Wyndy lines and the Kinwashkly lines together.  I will be keeping the 1st choice female pup.

Ned placing for a second consecutive year in the American Brittany Club National Field Championship, 2012
pictured with judge Chris Rider, breeder Leslie Andreas, scout Harlan Gerardy, handler Scott Johnson

Warbonnet Brittanys Puppy Contract - Choosing A Brittany - Breeders Code Of Ethics - I Want A Brittany - Responsible Breeders - Breed Standard - American Brittany Rescue - A Responsible Breeder Should