Warbonnet Brittanys


Dancer x Ned Gunslinger Litter
Butch Cassidy
 Whelped 10-2-16, 5 girls and 2 boys, futurity nominated.

"gunslinger: a person noted for speed and skill in handling and shooting a gun especially in the American West" 

1. Annie Oakley   
2. Calamity Jane 
3. Belle Starr 
4. Cattle Kate 
5. Etta Place 

6. Butch Cassidy 
7. Sundance Kid  

Please remember, we are Brittany Fans! but, not great photographers...  :^)

Butch Cassidy summary: He was baptized Robert Leroy Parker and was born in Beaver, Utah. He was the oldest of thirteen children in a family of Mormons. Both his parents were immigrants from England. They met and married in the United States.

For a while, Robert worked as a butcher in Wyoming. There he acquired the nickname “Butch” which seemed to stay with him. He wanted to carve out a better life for himself, so he left home as a teenager. Working on farms and ranches, he met rancher Mike Cassidy who did not have a stellar reputation. Butch took a liking to Cassidy and in time, added Cassidy’s last name to his nickname and, thus, he became Butch Cassidy.

Between 1880 and 1887, Butch Cassidy had his first run-ins with the law. The first offense was minor. He broke into a closed store, took a pair of jeans and left an IOU for the owner to find, fully intending to pay for the jeans. The owner did not appreciate the way Butch handled this situation and pressed charges against him. The case ended in acquittal.

After that, the robberies took a serious turn and Butch Cassidy, along with three other men robbed the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, Colorado. He had romantic interests with Ann Bassett and became involved with Ann’s older sister Josie as well. He formed a gang, the “Wild Bunch” and robbed another bank.

With his friend and partner in crime, Henry Alonzo Longabaugh, the Sundance Kid, he traveled to Argentina. From there, they fled to Chile.

While the exact circumstances of Cassidy’s death are not known, it is believed he died on November 6, 1908 from a gunshot.

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11-13-16: Weight: 4,068g.  The pups are finally mature enough to stand (stack) well for photos.  This is a nice litter of pups, they are always wagging their tails!  Note the nice deep chests on many of them.

11-6-16: Weight: 2,954g.  The pups are doing well and have been moved into the dog area so they can have more room to play.

10-30-16 - Week 4:  Weight: 2138.  Having a full freezer takes the pressure off.  Now I can head out any day after school and fill my 4 doe tags at my leisure.

10-23-16 - Day 21:  Weight: 1674g.  As you may know from facebook, I shot a cow and a bull elk this weekend and horse packed them out.  So, I did not have any time for photos.  Sorry!

10-16-16 - Day 14:  Weight: 1,314g.

Our friend and neighbor Shirley helped with pictures today as Jan is at the Boise, ID dog shows.  Shirley comes over daily to play with the pups.  Their eyes are just starting to open and they mostly lay around, sleep and grow now.  They will be real active in 2-3 weeks!!

10-9-16 - Day 7:  Weight: 874g.

  Butch just a few hours after birth on 10-2-16.
Weight on 10-2-16: 392g     Description: Orange male with clear spot in spot on right rear.

Orange and white Brittanys are born with very light colored spots and blue eyes (eyes are of course closed at birth but soon open).  The spots and eyes will darken over time to the same color as the parents.

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Brittanys have not been called the "Brittany Spaniel" since the 1980's.
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