Belle x Coltan, Brittany Pups
Minerals Litter
a solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence.
1 male and 3 females, whelped 5-30-19, Futurity nominated
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Updated 7-18-19
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1. Female, orange.  Amber  Sheridan, WY. - BF
2. Female, liver.
  Wellsville, UT. - BB
3. Male, liver.  Onyx 
Billings, MT. LR
Female, orange.  Mica  Kalispell, MT - PD, RD

Weekly Weights in Grams 
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Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
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5-30-19: Belle whelped today, 4 large pups.  Two liver and two orange.
6-3-19: Tails docked and dew claws removed.  Vet check showed all pups are healthy.

6-5-19: Photos and weights taken.
6-14-19: Two week photos and wts. posted.  The pups are really growing!
6-24-19: Three week photos and wts. posted.  Man are they chubby!
6-27-19: Photos and wts. taken.  They are becoming stronger and are able to stack somewhat.
7-4-19: Photos and wts.

7-11-19: Photos and wts.  All the pups are really growing!  They really like to play outside!!
7-17-19: First shots.
7-18-19: Wormed (Pyrantel).  My puppy scale decided to quit so no weights.  Volhard puppy test complete.  First choice orange has 24 hours to choose.
7-18-19: All pups are chosen.


Tanta's new owners.

Mica's new owners

Onyx's new owners

Volhard Puppy Aptitude test fun!

Order of Turah puppy choice:
Male Pups:
Bozeman, MT. - SM, SM
Columbia Falls, MT. - PG
Billings, MT. - DF
Pahrump, NV. - JH

Female Pups:
Great Falls, MT. - CR
2. Colbert, WA. -
Great Falls, MT. - KG
Billings, MT. - CC, TO
Asotin, WA. - NM
At 7 weeks we will administer the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  At 7 or 8 weeks (depending upon a show home and a structural eval. at 8 weeks), the first choice person will have 24 hours after the Volhard or structural eval. results are posted, to select their choice pup .  Each person thereafter will have 24 hours to make their selection after the previous person's selection is posted.  Pups can go home after 8 weeks.  We encourage you to visit the pups often if you can!  If you have any questions about this process feel free to give me a call: Todd :^) 406-498-5236.
Belle's Liver Male Pup:
1. Billings, MT.
Belle's Liver Female Pup:
1. Wellsville, UT. -

Belle's Orange Female Pups:
1. Sheridan, WY. -
2. Kalispell, MT -

Belle x Coltan
CH Warbonnet Wynd Drinker x CH Alar's Chasing Paydirt

  Half the pups should have orange spots like Belle and the other half will have liver spots like Coltan.  Some of either color may be roan.

CH Warbonnet Wynd Drinker "Belle"
Hips: OFA Excellent BS-18274E24F-NOPI, Elbows: Normal BS-EL1733F24-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V867217.  Whelped 10-2-16.  By: Am/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper "Ned" x GCH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer "Dancer".  Ned is OFA: GOOD, CERF: NORMAL.  He has placed Three Times at Nationals!  Website - Pedigree - Field Trial Placements
From his owner Vern: Ned is "Happy and snappy, the ability to find birds and run like the wind, with the sweetest nature is Ned in a nut shell!  Ned is now one of the top ranked All Age Brittanys in the US, and in May 2013 became the first Canadian-owned American/Canadian Dual Champion Brittany in history!"
From Todd: I have been wanting to breed to Ned for a long time.  His record in the field and nice personality speak for themselves.  He is also the son of Meadow's (our Kinwashkly bitch) sister Val (also a Am/Can Dual Champion) so this brings our Wyndy lines and the Kinwashkly lines together in Belle.  Belle is a show Champion as of June, 2018.  She has field trial placements and a Derby FT win so, she is Dual Pointed.
Belle's Puppy Photos    Belle's Pedigree

Belle and Turah on point during a hot summer training day.  Turah is still wet from having jumped in the creek.  Belle's shorter coat had already dried.

CH Alar's Chasing Paydirt "Coltan"
Breeder/Owner: Jessica Carlson.  wh. 7/19/15.  OFA Good BS-18250G37M-VPI
From Alar Brittanys: "Coltan was a standout from the start, and we think we hit paydirt with this outstanding young liver roan boy! His call name comes from an ore, columbite-tantalite, or "coltan". Coltan is an impressive expression of the best from each of his parents. We have started him slowly but he has a field trial placement and finished his show title in just a handful of appearances. His last two wins were 5-point majors, one of which was Best of Breed over 6 champions! Coltan is an enthusiastic bird dog with impressive intensity and style on point, and he LOVES his birds! After spending a season working on learning his manners for future competition in adult stakes with trainer Ben Garcia, Coltan has returned to "team Tequila" for summer camp and fall trials. Watch for more from this very promising young dog in the future!"
Coltan's Pedigree  

Coltan is an awesome looking Brittany!

Ed Tillson flushing a bird for Coltan at a field trial in Feb., 2019.

More info. about this litter:
5-30-19 Belle is whelping:
1. 8:05 am, Female, orange spots, 390g.
2. 8:50 Female, liver spots, much color, 362g.
3. 11:40 Male, liver, much color, 342g.
4. 12:05 Female, orange, 330g.
  Photo: Belle and her pups on whelping day, 2 orange and 2 liver with lots of color. 
The liver pups have white bellies and legs.  They will be striking.

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