Warbonnet Brittanys

Belle's Pedigree
Warbonnet Wynd Drinker

  Belle - 7 mo. of age at a dog show.

Can CH Kinwashkly Red Apache OFA

Can DC Kinwashkly Mac Magoo OFA

Can CH Kinwashkly Katydid It OFA
sire: Am DC/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper OFA

DC AFC The Whiz Kid OFA

DC AFC Kinwashkly French Valour OFA

Can DC Kinwashkly Sunshine Girl OFA

RJ's First Edition, MH OFA

BIS, BISS, GCH, CH RJ'S Sierra Edition, MH OFA

DC RJ's She's Genuinely Divine, MH OFA
 dam: CH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer OFA  

2XNAGDC/DC/AFC Clyde's Double Trouble OFA Excellent 

CH Warbonnet Chinook Wynd OFA

CH Warbonnet Golden Magpie JH OFA


CH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer "Dancer" Whelped: 2-14-14.  By: BIS, BISS, GCH, CH RJ'S Sierra Edition, MH x CH Warbonnet Chinook Wynd. OFA GOOD, OFA #: BS-17373G28F-NOPI Bred by us (Todd & Sari Breitenfeldt), Dancer finished her show championship winter 2016 winning 3 majors in 3 days at the Portland, OR shows.  She is super at finding, pointing and fetching birds!!  She is also a great hiking, fishing, running and biking companion.  As of June, 2017 Dancer has 22 Grand Championship points. Am/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper
Ned is OFA: GOOD, CERF: NORMAL.  He has placed Three Times at Nationals!  Website - Pedigree - Field Trial Placements
From his owner Vern: Ned is "
Happy and snappy, the ability to find birds and run like the wind, with the sweetest nature is Ned in a nut shell!  Ned is now one of the top ranked All Age Brittanys in the US, and in May 2013 became the first Canadian-owned American/Canadian Dual Champion Brittany in history!"
From Todd: I have been wanting to breed to Ned for a long time.  His record in the field and nice personality speak for themselves.  He is also the son of Meadow's (our Kinwashkly bitch) sister Val (also and Am/Can Dual Champion) so this brings our Wyndy lines and the Kinwashkly lines together.

Owner: Vern Brunen | Whelped: March 2006
by Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Mac Magoo, FDJ x Dual/AFC Kinwashkly French Velour

Ned was the red hot puppy and derby dog around here as a youngster and really cleaned up in the juvenile stakes. He easily earned his show championship with three majors, the last under breeder judge Dorothy Macdonald. Vern had some placements on him as an adult when the decision was made to send him to the United States to see how he would do in the tough midwestern Brittany trials. He placed in the first all age stake he ran in, and when he and handler Scott Johnson bonded, things really began to happen. Ned placed 3rd in the American Brittany Club National Championship in 2011. His next trial earned him his AKC Field Championship. In the spring of 2012, Jessica Carlson took him to 13 shows and finished him in the show ring. The new Dual Champion took Best of Breed the day after finishing, over 6 specials. He went on to win the ABC Chicken Classic that fall and his consistent winning and placing in 1 hour stakes had him a close runner up in the Purina dog of the year awards, running only in open stakes. He placed 4th in the National Championship in 2012. The spring of 2013, after many wins and placements with Scott, Ned came back to Canada to win an Open Limited Shooting Dog stake, finishing his Canadian Dual Championship. As an American and Canadian Dual Champion, Ned made breed history, as the only Canadian owned and bred dog to ever earn the titles, and only the fifth dog in breed history to do so. All the others were in the 1970's. Ned placed a third consecutive time in the ABC National Championship in 2013. Ned has sired some very promising youngsters that are ones to watch in the future. There is frozen semen available on Ned, as well as the real thing, for those interested in breeding to him.  From: http://www.kinwashklybrittanys.com/dualchampions.php  Leslie Andreas.

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