Warbonnet Brittanys

Meadow Pups Whelped 3/17/08

Meadow & Jesse PupsAll spoken for.
Eight pups arrived on St. Patrick's Day 3-17-08, 5 girls and 3 boys!!
Celebration of St. Patrick's Day and Ireland!!  "Luck of the Irish!"

Individual Puppy Photos and Information:
General Puppy Photos of this "Irish" Litter:
Pups listed in order of their birth, photos weekly.
We are Brittany Fans!  But, not great photographers...   :^)
Puppy Name: 
1. Fairy  (Girl) - Miami Beach, FL
2. Celtic  (Girl) - Moscow, ID
3. Emerald  (Girl) - Missoula, MT
4. Whiskey  (Girl) - Seattle, WA
5. Shamrock  (Boy) - Lakeside, MT
6. Guinness  (Boy) - Coaldale, AB, Can.
7. Kerry  (Girl) - Moscow, ID
8. Dublin  (Boy) - Whitehall, MT
1-day old group photos
All 8 Pups Together, Show Side, Day 21  
All 8 Pups Together, Show Side, Day 28
Group & Sleeping Photos, Day 35 
All 8 Pups Together, Show Side, Day 35  
All 8 Pups Together, 6wks, Day 42  (by gender)
All 8 Pups Together, 7wks, Day 49 
(both sides) 
All 8 Pups sleeping Day 42
Weekly Weights  
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test Results 5-4-08

Day 35 all 8 pups in birth order from l to r.
Sari, Skye and Shamy holding all 8 St. Patrick's Day pups (Day 35) in birth order from left to right: 
Fairy, Celtic, Emerald, Whiskey, Shamrock, Guinness, Kerry, and Dublin.

May, 2008: The pups have all gone home with their new families!
1. Fairy

2. Celtic

3. Emerald

4. Whiskey  

5. Shamrock
6. Guinness

7. Kerry  

8. Dublin

Meadow on Point
Eight Pups arrived 3-17-08, 5 girls & 3 boys. 

All of the pups are spoken for as of 4-11-08.
Male Puppy Deposits:
1. Whitehall, MT
2. Lakeside, MT
3. Coaldale, Ab, Canada

Female Puppy Deposits:
1. Seattle, WA
2. Moscow, ID
3. Moscow, ID
4. Missoula, MT
5. Miami Beach, FL
Sari and Jesse
Sari with Jesse and a couple of Montana roosters
Breedings took place Jan. 15, 17 & 19th.  They will be 8 wks. old and ready to go May 11th.
Kinwashkly Meadowlark, JH "Meadow" Whelped: 08/04/03. OFA GOOD, Elbows: Normal.  OFA # BS-13202G33F-PI.  By DC The Whiz Kid x Canadian DC Kinwashkly Sunshine Girl.  Both parents OFA excellent.   Breeder Leslie Andreas. 
    She is (as with all our dogs) a mixture of Dual Champion field and show lines that HUNT!  Meadow is a medium sized female with medium bone.  She is very birdy and intense as a hunter and has long gun dog range.  She is a mellow couch potato in the house but a fire cracker in the field.  She enjoys agility and Sari enjoys handling her through her paces.  Med has finished her Junior Hunter title, has pup and derby field trial placements, and is show pointed.  She hunt, hunt, hunts!!!  Med will work on her Senior and Master hunt titles as well as field trials. 

CH Warbonnet's Wild Wild West JH "Jesse"  Whelped: 12/18/04. OFA Good, Elbows: normal.  OFA #: BS-13666G27M-PI.  By DC Wyngold's Tough To Touch x CH Wyngold Wyndy Warbonnet, bred by us (Todd & Jan Breitenfeldt) out of Wyndy and Redd.  Jesse is a happy, full of energy, typey, classy looking dog with great motion and bone who's tail is always up.  He likes the show ring!  Definitely the dominant pup of his litter, yet a real easy going all-a-round-nice-guy type.  "Every one likes Jess and he likes everyone!"  He has real good intensity on birds, is great with pheasants, and is a gun dog range working dog.  He is part of the family and is doing hunting, field trials, hunt tests, shows and agility.  Jesse earned his show (conformation) championship in May, 2006 at 17 months of age with four majors (1. Helena, MT, 2. Portland, OR on a Brittany specialty weekend, 3. & 4. Spokane, WA May, 2006) in 14 shows.  He also has his Junior Hunter hunt test title.  He has 2 field trial puppy placements and is doing  the most important thing - HUNTING!!!!.  Look to see him occasionally in the Specialty ring and advanced hunt tests, as he matures even further.  We would be glad to co-own him with a quality Junior Handler who wants a real nice, fun dog to show.
Jesse's Photos  (pup name Blitzen)   Jesse's Pedigree 
Deposit: Non refundable $100 deposit if we have the gender of your choice.
Competition homes will have preference choice of competition/show quality pups.  We welcome co-ownership with competition homes.  We are EXCITED about this litter!!
Price: Males $700.  Females $750.
As breeder, we reserve the right of first choice.

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