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Puppy Name________________________________________________________Date of Birth____________

Sex_____ Color___________ Description_______________________________________________________

Sire___________________________________________________________Reg. #_____________________

Dam___________________________________________________________Reg. #____________________

For the sum of $_____________ Seller hereby conveys to the buyer(s); _______________________________

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the following warranties and conditions as to the purchase of the above described animal;

1) The above described animal, hereinafter called "said animal" is a purebred dog and may be registered with the AKC on a limited registration, and the pedigree(s) furnished is/are true and correct to the best of the seller's knowledge.  Seller agrees to send buyer AKC registration papers as soon as they return from AKC.

2) Said animal shall not be used or donated for the purpose of use for medical veterinary or scientific research, experimentation or field testing, without the express written consent of the seller.

3) Said animal shall not be abandon or delivered to a pound, animal shelter or like organization.

4) The buyer will not use or sell said animal to a substandard breeder.  Buyer further agrees buyer will not knowingly permit or allow said animal to breed.

5) Said animal is guaranteed to be in good health and lack any communicable diseases at the time of sale.  Buyer agrees to vet check said animal within 48 hours.

6) Said animal is guaranteed against any major genetic disorder except non-descending testicles.  Any accident, fall, illness, injury or other disorder after time of sale, shall NOT be guaranteed.

7)   If buyer's AND sellers vet find any major genetic disorder (except non-descending testicles) at any time during the animals life.  The animal shall be returned to the seller along with the registration papers.  A replacement puppy of seller's choice shall be given from the first available litter.  Buyer agrees to be responsible for the expenses of: the vet checks, returning said animal and receiving replacement.

8) Buyer may not spay/neuter said animal before said animal is one year of age.  Buyer MUST spay/neuter said animal between the ages of 1 and 2 years.  Confirmation of such will be sent to seller from veterinarian performing spay/neuter. 

9) Buyer will assume full responsibility for the health, safety, anatomical makeup and appearance of said animal at the time of sale.

10) If at any time, buyer chooses to sell or transfer ownership of said animal, seller reserves first right of buy back.  Buyer must make reasonable effort to contact Seller, both in writing, by telephone and via E-mail.

11) The writings on this and the preceding page constitute the full agreement of both parties.

Buyer(s)_________________________________         Seller: Jan Breitenfeldt
________________________________________         Todd Breitenfeldt

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