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    Lily is my new show Papillon that I co-own with Terry McIntyre (Titian Papillons).  She is a big eared little fur ball bursting with fun.   Her miniature spaniel build is so cute that you just have to love her.  Her tail is always up and her black eyes always alert. The little rat (as my dad calls her just 'cause he doesn't want anyone to know that he secretly adores her) loves to go on walks to the elementary playground, run around the house with me, and play with my mom's new black peke puppies.  I can't wait 'til the shows in the summer 'cause it's gonna' be fun! (Truthfully and sarcastically).  My goals with her are to have fun in Juniors, finish her show championship, and maybe do some agility for she is such a little bullet.

Lilly four months
Lily at four months.
Lilly fun
Me playing with Lily.
Me and Lilly
Lily and I.
Computer wiz
Hey! I'm trying to type here!