Dragonfly Pekingese

Lexi's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
CH Dunkirk Ticket Master

CH Dunkrik's Choice For Richbob

CH Quadra's Kipper
Quadra's Hot Smoky

Quarra's Darlie

CH Dunkirk Standing In Snow
CH Katering's To Be Continued

CH Dunkirk First Edition

CH Dunkirk By Invitation Only
CH Oakhill's Sun Dragon Of Windemere
Windemere's Pleiku Gold Aura

CH Windemere's Playboy Pizzazz

CH Ankays All Eyes On You
CH Katering's To Be Continued

CH Pendenrah Peggy Ann Of St. Aubrey

Bronze Level GCH CH Dragonfly's Amore Senza Fine
CH Dunkirk Trademark
CH Mi Yan's Trade Winds of Jo-Li
CH Jo-Li Wind In The Willows

CH Lakshmi's A Fine Romance

CH Dunkirk Tears From Heaven
CH Katering's To Be Continued

St Aubrey Ladybegood Of Elsdon

Dragonfly Shalimar
(Black with white markings)
CH Dunkirk Time Traveler
(Black/White Markings)(Travis)( 3/13/2001)
Dunkirk Time After Time
(Fawn/Blk Mask)(Timer)( 1/ 4/1999)
BIS BISS CH Katering's To Be Continued SOD
(Grey/Blk Mask)(Toby)( 7/11/1995)
Dunkirk Constant Comment
Isabella Beau
(Black/white markings)(Buffy)( 6/19/1999)

Kapper's Night Shade
(Black/White Markings)
Katmai Minky
CH Dunkirk Masquerade Party
(Fawn/Black Mask)(Lacie)(10/ 8/2005)

CH Dunkirk I'm Gonna Live Forever
(Red/Black Mask)(Fame)( 1/ 8/2003)
CH Oakhill's Sun Dragon Windemere
CH Ankays All Eyes On You R.O.M.
(Gray/Black Mask)(Eve)( 2/ 8/2001)
CH Dunkirk Summer Wind
(Fawn/Black Mask)(Windy)( 5/10/2001)
Ch Mi Yan's Tradewinds of Jo Li
(Biscuit/Black Mask)(Joseph)( 7/ 4/1995)

Katmai Midnite Sunn On Denali
CH Dunkirk Free Spirit
(Fawn/Blk Mask)(Sprite)( 7/ 4/1995)

Burgundy Rose Mi Play Jazmine